• Kristin Hubbard

Grateful for Frank

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Kristin here! As Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself looking around and feeling gratitude.

I joined the Don’t Be A Monster team in January of 2020. I was thrilled to become a part of an organization that truly empowers kindness and celebrates the uniqueness we all bring into the world. I had spent the previous 10 years working directly with students in academic intervention programs and I know students ONLY learn when they feel safe and loved. The mission and vision of DBAM spoke to me and I was excited to bring Frank into the auditoriums and gymnasiums across our markets!

My first project was working with our incredible donors for our 6th annual TransWorld Charity Auction. I was immediately impressed with the generosity and creativity of those in the Haunt community. I was introduced, virtually, to incredible advocates who strongly invest in the mission of Don’t Be A Monster. I felt proud to be a part of an organization that so many believe in.

When the pandemic began, and TransWorld was cancelled, we quickly transitioned to a virtual auction. I started contacting our donors to see if they would like to continue to participate in this new format, and I was amazed by the immediate and enthusiastic responses that flowed in. One of the most common responses I received was, “Absolutely! We’ll even ship to the winner for free”.