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Grateful for Frank

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Kristin here! As Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself looking around and feeling gratitude.

I joined the Don’t Be A Monster team in January of 2020. I was thrilled to become a part of an organization that truly empowers kindness and celebrates the uniqueness we all bring into the world. I had spent the previous 10 years working directly with students in academic intervention programs and I know students ONLY learn when they feel safe and loved. The mission and vision of DBAM spoke to me and I was excited to bring Frank into the auditoriums and gymnasiums across our markets!

My first project was working with our incredible donors for our 6th annual TransWorld Charity Auction. I was immediately impressed with the generosity and creativity of those in the Haunt community. I was introduced, virtually, to incredible advocates who strongly invest in the mission of Don’t Be A Monster. I felt proud to be a part of an organization that so many believe in.

When the pandemic began, and TransWorld was cancelled, we quickly transitioned to a virtual auction. I started contacting our donors to see if they would like to continue to participate in this new format, and I was amazed by the immediate and enthusiastic responses that flowed in. One of the most common responses I received was, “Absolutely! We’ll even ship to the winner for free”.

This was when I realized the power of Frank! He represents everyone who has ever felt different, excluded, or isolated. He encourages kindness and love-- two things we all need!

Frank teaches us how to be an Upstander. He promotes self-care, kindness, and gives students’ the necessary skills to respond, in a positive way, when they witness bullying. Students are able to connect to his story and recognize he is not a monster-- he is empathic and kind.

We knew this summer that assemblies would not be possible this Fall but believed that the world needed Frank more in 2020 than ever before. To date, our virtual presentation has been seen by over 82,000 students, in 260 schools, across 27 states! Frank has helped our educators establish a positive learning environment regardless of what that currently looks like. To further our vision and mission this year, we have created a monthly bullying-prevention curriculum that is being distributed to schools for free!

As we get ready for Thanksgiving with family and friends tomorrow, I am pausing to give gratitude to the incredible community I have discovered through DBAM. I am so grateful to our partners, sponsors, supporters, brand ambassadors, and each individual who has allowed us to bring Frank’s message of kindness and compassion into this year! This has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone and the continued commitment to Don’t Be A Monster is inspiring.

I am grateful for the teachers and staff at our schools who are giving everything they have to their students. I hope Frank and Don’t Be A Monster has allowed you to have some normalcy and that we have brought joy into your day and hearts!

I am grateful for our wonderful team! We have worked together to create a virtual presentation, fundraise in very challenging times, redesign our website, develop a curriculum, and spread our message.

I hope everyone has time to pause and reflect this week. I have never experienced a year like this before and I doubt you have either!

We continue to need your support! Please make a contribution to our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser so we can continue to spread Frank’s message throughout 2021.

Please go here to donate, or you can send a check to:

Don’t Be A Monster

3400 E 52nd Ave

Denver, CO 80216

Thank you for supporting us. Stay safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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