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Don’t Be A Monster offers free, unique, and engaging bullying prevention assemblies in 20 different markets all across the US. These assemblies are put on by actors from your local haunted house, accompanied by our mascot, Frank. Our presentations are one of a kind and are a lot of fun for students during the Halloween season!

What a DBAM Presentation covers :



What is bullying?

What are the different type of bullying?

Are they being mean, rude, or bullying?

What do

I do?

What should I do if I or a friend is being bullied?Who can I talk to? What resources are available?

How to be an upstander

What does it mean to be an Upstander?

How do I positively influence those around me?

commit to kindness

How can I use my words and actions to build a community of kindness where everyone feels included?