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Don’t Be A Monster offers free, unique, and engaging bullying prevention assemblies in 20 different markets all across the US. These assemblies are put on by actors from your local haunted house, accompanied by our mascot, Frank. Our presentations are one of a kind and are a lot of fun for students during the Halloween season!

What a DBAM Presentation covers :



What is bullying?

What are the different type of bullying?

Are they being mean, rude, or bullying?

What do

I do?

What should I do if I or a friend is being bullied?Who can I talk to? What resources are available?

How to be an upstander

What does it mean to be an Upstander?

How do I positively influence those around me?

commit to kindness

How can I use my words and actions to build a community of kindness where everyone feels included?

Meet Frank

Meet Frank

Markets- Map

Our Markets

Assembly faq


Late September through early November.

Availability varies across markets.

Students in grades 4th – 10th, though

some cities limit the range. 
How Long?

One hour per ~300 students


Completely free.



Don't Be A Monster Presentation


Chicago, IL

“Students are able to fully identify if behaviors are bullying or not. They are really seeing students at the heart, versus physical appearances that usually foster their bullying behavior.” 

Don't Be A Monster Presentation


San Antonio, TX

“I have heard kids use the phrase "don't be a monster" to other students who are saying hurtful things, so they remember the presentation. Students being able to see Frank created a connection and made it easier for them to remember what it was about. Very creative."

Don't Be A Monster Presentation


Walled Lake, MI

“I really feel the presentation sends a powerful message about needing to be kind and treating others the way you want to be treated. After the assembly students can also use the terminology about being an upstander and what that means and looks like."

Feedback from school assemblies during the

2019 presentation season.

Ready to book?

Frank Waving

Want to bring

Don't Be A Monster

to your community?

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