2020 Virtual


This year, Don't Be A Monster is going virtual! For the first time ever, we are available to ANY school in the world!

In regard for students and faculty health and safety, we are offering our presentation by video. Our video presentation will teach students how to be an Upstander during the pandemic, by practicing empathy and self-care and performing acts of kindness.

What the 2020 Video Presentation covers :



What is bullying?

What do I do if I am being bullied?

What resources are available?

Empathy & Kindness

What is empathy?

Why is it important to be kind?

How can I show my classmates I care?



What are the four types

of self-care?

What can I do when I'm feeling down?

How do I understand

my emotions?

How to be an upstander

What does it mean to be an Upstander?

How do I support those around me, especially while social distancing?




Perfect for students in traditional classrooms

or online classrooms


Late September through early November.

Students in grades 4th – 10th
How Long?

20-minute video presentation, plus additional optional 20-minute activities


Completely free.

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Chicago, IL

“Students are able to fully identify if behaviors are bullying or not. They are really seeing students at the heart, versus physical appearances that usually foster their bullying behavior.” 


San Antonio, TX

“I have heard kids use the phrase "don't be a monster" to other students who are saying hurtful things, so they remember the presentation. Students being able to see Frank created a connection and made it easier for them to remember what it was about. Very creative."


Walled Lake, MI

“I really feel the presentation sends a powerful message about needing to be kind and treating others the way you want to be treated. After the assembly students can also use the terminology about being an upstander and what that means and looks like."

Feedback from school assemblies during the

2019 presentation season.

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Don't Be A Monster

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Don't Be A Monster

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