• Don't Be A Monster

Spreading Kindness, Not Coronavirus!

Since 2014, Don’t Be A Monster has been sharing our message of kindness and acceptance through our annual bullying prevention assemblies across the country. Each fall, Frank and a team of volunteers have gone into schools to encourage students to be Upstanders and to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. By teaching the 4 R’s of being an Upstander, we promote inclusive school communities that, in return, develop a safe learning environment for each student. Our assemblies are thoughtful, fun, and spread joy! We have loved watching students’ embrace Frank and all he represents over the years.

When the pandemic started in March, we knew things would be different. We moved our annual charity auction to an online format, created Frank’s Virtual Fun Run to celebrate 75 days until Halloween, and started to brainstorm how our program would look this Fall. We remained optimistic about being able to present to students’ in person because we know how powerful the story of Frank and Don’t Be A Monster is to our school communities.

In late July, we realized that assemblies would not be possible this Fall due to social distancing requirements as schools planned to re-open. We also recognized that 2020 called for a very specific approach to bullying prevention as students are learning and attending school in a variety of formats! We knew that, more than ever, our students needed the knowledge and fun Frank and his team brought into buildings. We asked ourselves: how do we bring Don’t Be A Monster safely to schools in 2020?